Happiness Market Edition 1

Come to the "Happiness Market"! We give hope to children with autism.

The USR PLUS Mediaș team invites you on Saturday, June 29, 2019, to the “Happiness Square” event, between 10 am and 12 noon, at Schuller House, to participate in the fundraising campaign for the Saint Casian Mediaș Association and to give hope to children with autism .

When we decided to get involved in politics, we set out to be closer to the citizens and their needs, to help them and to be their friends. We invite citizens and companies to get involved with us, to be part of the campaign to support the Saint Casian Mediaș Association to help children with autism. We will bring books and toys that will be symbolically bought by the participants in exchange for a donation for children with autism.

All the money raised during the event will be donated to the Saint Casian Mediaș Association, so we want to be with these wonderful children and their families. Join us.

On June 29, 2019, the "Happiness Market" event took place! We give hope to children with autism.

Held at the Schuller House, the fundraising action, organized by USR Plus Mediaș for the Saint Casian Association, gathered a large number of people eager to help.

The people of Medieş once again showed civic sense and came to Piata De Fericire to help children with autism. On Saturday, the Casa Schuller Cultural Center was too small.

The high interest for the action made the organizers propose that the second edition of the Happiness Market take place next year as well.

The first edition of the Happiness Square event dedicated to children with autism in Mediaș raised over 12 thousand Lei. All the money was donated to the Saint Casian Association.On this occasion, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming, donating and with your soul and heart with us.I would also like to express my respect for the organizers and supporters of this campaign, the USR PLus Alliance and the people. special that compose it.Special thanks and Drasser for the donations, to the priest Marius Custalcean from St. Dumitru Church, to Mr. Roșian Florin, to Mrs. Sîrbu and Mr. Antipa, from Axente Sever, to the local press, Radio Ring, Nova TV for promoting the event… .etc

Thank you for the civic spirit you show and I pray to God to give you back the good you do!

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