Sensory Alley

Train yourself in good deeds!

Medias Red Cross aims to arrange a sensory alley for children with autism on the premises Day center for children with autism spectrum disorders St. Casian from Mediaş, with a length of ~ 30 meters, made of natural materials, where hiking barefoot on portions of sand, gravel of various sizes and shapes, fir cones, tree bark, sawdust, logs, grass and corn cobs, etc., to be a way of relaxation and therapy for them. In the soles there are 7,200 nerve endings that are connected to all parts of the body. These connections are processed through the spine and brain. By massaging the feet, the pain and stress are alleviated, and the body enters a state of comfort.

Stands up Mediaș Red Cross and let's bring hope to the lives of children with autism.
You can get involved too! If you can't sign up this year at Sibiu Marathon, we invite you to support the registered runners. More details can be found on the website:
Any amount helps us to be closer to our dream!

Thank you to all the participants and supporters! ❤

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